Looking to sell 2008 GEMe4

Hello, I have a 2008 GEMe4 with less than 1,000 miles on it, I’m looking to sell. I’m hoping just to get a fair price for it without too much work in selling it. Will give someone a great deal. I bought it new for around $15,000, then put an after-market motor in it, so it goes 35-40 and is licensed for the street. It has the golf package on it, and it does great on the golf course. Stereo, heater, fan, windshield wipers, removable doors - the works. I had the batteries replaced several years ago. Again, if someone is interested in taking it off my hands, I’m willing to give a great price. Someone tell me what’s a fair price and we can knock some off that!


What kind of batteries HOW MANY years ago? Color - located where. Need as much detail as possible.

Hello, I’m not sure what type of batteries, I had the dealer order/install them. I’m not even sure how to access the battery compartment to look at them. I do recall that we definitely went with high quality. Regarding color, it is a white body with a gray front end, chrome bumper. I live in Post Falls ID, which is about 25 miles east of Spokane WA.

Sorry, forgot to mention it was about 3 years ago that we got the new batteries. I’ve probably put less than 100 miles on it since then.

That battery age will have significant affect on the value. Please be specific.

I apologize, I can’t be exact without calling the dealer, but I originally bought it in 2008 so I would say 2011 is a safe guess at this point. I also have the original motor that would go along with it (I mentioned I put an after market motor in right when I bought it). The original motor has virtually no miles on it. I’ve kept the GEM car in my home garage, I haven’t plugged it in in awhile and its actually not taking the charge right now. Usually when that happens I just need to bring it to the service dealer for them to charge it if it drained too much, I’ve had to do that a couple times over the years over the winter if I haven’t used it. If you are trying to provide a value, perhaps we can consider it both ways, healthy batteries and not healthy batteries. Not sure how we can tell if the batteries are healthy, maybe the service folks can measure that? Before I sold it of course we would want to determine that and factor that. Thanks for your time!

Assume unhealthy batteries. They have been neglected too long. Do you have a good title in hand?

Yes, I have clear title. I will be taking it into the service place this week to have batteries checked, if needed I will have a new battery pack installed prior to sale if it is needed.

GEM value differs GREATLY in different areas of the country. Before you spend a lot of money you should Check Craigs List and Ebay to see what people asking for comparable units. I just sold my 2007 E2 with new batteries, in excellent condition (with enclousure) for $2600. Were in Florida.