How to price my GEM

I have a 2000 Chrysler GEM four seated that I am looking to sell on Eastern South Dakota. I have just put in new batteries 2 months ago and a new Delta Q charger 2 years ago. It comes with the golf package on the back as well as a stereo installed with 6 speakers 4 under the front seats. It was bought 3 years ago after it was complete redone. It does have some scratches and is missing the sun roof cover above the drivers seat. Looking for help on what to post it for, any help would be great.

Most of the 2001 and earlier Gem Cars don’t sell for as much as the 2002 and later models.
Your batteries are an advantage in your favor but the brand and type of batteries will make a big difference in selling price.
Walmart marine deep cycle batteries will add little to no value.
Trojan 1275 deep cycle batteries will help you out a lot.
I good AGM battery is more desirable then a traditional lead acid since you don’t have to check water levels.
Depending on condition and upgrades I think the low end for a ready to ride 2000 4 seater Gem is somewhere around $3000… Some extremely custom gems 4 seaters are going for over $7,000.

Your location will probably hurt you the most.