Custom Gem

I bought a 4 seat 2000 Gem car for $1100. I decided to document the build im going to do. I will share pictures along the way. Im also looking for ideas. cheers!!

Find out and post here which battery charger your GEM has. We will need to make sure it is set for the type of batteries you intend to use. You should check and see which Dc/DC convertor your GEM has. This was a recall on the early GEMs. You should change the gear oil in the transaxle. This is often overlooked and is important. Check the brakes at all four wheels for leaking wheel cylinders and noisy wheel bearings. Check the rear wheels for frozen parking brake linkage and cables. Check on this forum before going to the dealer as many parts can be found elsewhere.


Awesome and I look forward to following along! Im currently rebuilding a 2001 4 seater myself. Good Luck!

Welcome lets see your gem

I’m struggling to get the pictures loaded. Sorry Rookie. I have to post 5 time to post pictures. let me post some quick!

Thanks I took it down to the frame and started from there. i do need a windshield if anyone knows where a good one is at.

Nebraska I saw your post! cool car, your is in better shape then mine but i have some plans! i put some custom woofer boxs under the seat for 10" woofers. Way fun to build.

Let me know how the subs work. I was worried about the battery drain from the amp, but I don’t know for sure!

Here are some pictures from the build. I can finally upload pictures.
Hope you enjoy! it was a fun build!

Im not done yet but getting closer.
Stereo had 4 mids and tweets and 2 10" woofers. System is amazing!!
painted Burnt Orange
Just finished making the rear bed.

Still to come
Wheels tires.
LED lights orange glow underside.

Very Cool!! Great work.

How did you get all the roof panels, sunroof, and windshield out? I am having a heck of a time with mine currently!

I used a skin wedge from aerospace and slid it under the sides. took a while but worked well. I also extended the sun roof 18" longer. why not right.