Gem Value / what to ask

Interested in a car. It’s a 2001 4 seater. Before I call to inquire, could someone tell me what questions I should be asking and maybe what the acceptable answers to said questions would be? Is there an NADA book anywhere to give a value? They are asking 5500. Thank you.

Super… by now I’m sure you bought or walked away… this is a great article… not sure when this was written… but is a good thing to look at if thinking about a GEM car… think $5500 is steep for an '01… it’s a deal if it’s the only one in your area or if you really want it… if it has a ton of mods done to it… could be worth the price… a wise man once said… ‘there are two fools the one who asks a price and the one who pays it’

                                            What a Difference the Year Makes

Because the exterior look of the cars has remained largely unchanged, it is easy to mistakenly assume that all model years are basically the same. Knowing what has changed over the years will help you make an informed decision–and determine a reasonable price.

When searching for a pre-owned GEM, the most common year you’ll find is 2002. The 2002 vehicle had some substantial upgrades over the 2001 model year, including an upgraded 5 HP motor and a new charger. In years following 2002, GEM made more gradual, but still significant, changes.

Here are some highlights of the hundreds of changes made over the years: In 2003, the vehicles were given a number of braking and charging upgrades. An automotive-style acceleration pedal, improved ride and handling, a new digital display, and easier steering were several of the changes made in 2004. After a major design review by Chrysler’s automotive engineers in 2005, the new Delta-Q charger was added, steering and suspension were both improved, and a number of other enhancements were made. In 2006 GEM introduced many new and enhanced options, including improved doors and bumpers, a stake-back bed, and more. 2006 also marked the introduction of the e6 six-passenger vehicle. Fast charging was added as an option in 2007, and steering effort was again reduced.*

Many people shy away from the earliest vehicles because of the major improvements made in 2002. But some sellers may lead you to believe that their 2001 is really a 2002. Typically, a 2002 vehicle sells for about $1,000 more than a 2001, so make sure you know what you’re buying. Later models sell for somewhat more, depending on the year.

Before you buy a vehicle, verify the date of manufacture on the VIN sticker. This sticker is often located on the inside roof, just above the rear window.