2016 E4 Lithium

Like New Only 800 Miles. Power Steering, Tilt wheel, Heat/Defeost, 6KW Motor

Modz flip 4 rear seat

XXR 215X40x17 Tires 17x9 wheels
Panorama roof

Zivan SG-3 220/100v charger charge at 60 Amps

Brambo 12kw lithium pack 15cell 70 mile range


What lithium chemistry is in it?

Wery niccce.
I bid one dowah!

(Are you showing or selling?)

Hey that’s a good question I don’t know what the Brambo Battery Chemistry is (I’ll do some research

I’m selling this car, but Thought I would show it off. Not many people have seen what the factory Battery looks like it’s a 15 cell pack in 2 diffrent battery’s. The large one in the back is a 10 cell and the smaller one in front of it is a 5 cell.

So that makes me the high bidder! Schweet!

Not sure how you do it, but somehow, all of your builds are just tits. This seems like one of the less radical ones, and everthing works.

Thank you this car used to be a self driving car.
So It took some major work & some Major help from Gabe & Oscar from “gem of miami” to get this thing going I could have not done it by my self. Doing hot rods with Dave was one thing but doing things by the bill and the way Polaris makes you do them is pretty tricky So hats off to all the Gem Car techs like Gabe! Ineven had to install a new wire harness & some Polaris factory upgrades & Updates as well as Re flashing Everything BMS BMC VMC you name it it had to be flashed & brought up to current. I was so happy when it finally ran and drove. So I have put over 100 miles on it and it’s such a quiet smooth car to drive

Nice! I was wondering how you were doing on that project.

I probably would have gone all Adam Savage on it.
“I reject your reality and substitute my own”
But then it would have ended up as something nobody else would know how to work on.

Here are some Before and After pics of it.

This car was a whole set of new problems. Working with Dave on the Hot Rod projects has been super easy. In the past We had a work around for every Gem related error or problem. But with these cars (I have 3 of them) they all needed to be put back to stock and all the Faults & error codes needed to be cleared & problems solved John S a member here was super cool and lent me his laptop to be able to have Gabe help me work on the car remotely. So big thanks to him. 1 down 2 to go