Selling 2018 E4 w lithium, doors and more

Hey guys, I think we are going to sell our cart. My daughter is driving so our cart doesn’t get used that much. it has 350 miles. Golf cart seat added to the rear so 6 passengers. Factory lithium-ion battery. 4 full doors with roll-up windows. Rear glass. Tilt steering. Black in color. New 2023 16 inch wheels. LED lights. PM me offers. I am in San Diego

open to offers


I bid one dowwah!

Beautiful. Wish you were closer…

Interested please!
Price? Title?

I have a guy that can print GEM logo on a rounded piece of auto adhesive aluminum so you can use another center cap and cover that hole

Is that the Factory Lithium 8.9 Kw or the 12.4 Kw battery?

it’s the 8.9. Gets 60 miles range. Has quick charger also

Can’t pm new here. What are you asking?

Were you able to get ahold of Rick? I have his #
If you need to contact him

I connected w AF8. Thanks Grant