Gem e4 for sale

GEM Car needs brakes, Gels are weak, spat gel is chipping. still runs good. Red, Tom 386-626-8350 NORTH FLORIDA

Hi Tom, do you have any pictures? I’m a newbie, what do you mean when you say gels are week and spat gel is chipping?

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The GEL battery’s. I dont know how to put pics on here. I dont see any paper clip for attachments

Call me,

I found it. The cart does run good but not much of range.

Do you know what kind of charger it has ??

Delta Q,

I have lowered the price to $2000. I need room. Tom

What year is it and how many miles Jim? Other than needing batteries is there anything else that would need to be done to the cart?

Call me at 386 626 8350 and i will fill you in on everything.

If you call me I can tell you everything. I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THE WEB SITE. Tom

386 626 8350