2008 Ruff & Tuff Battery Problem Fixed

Since Electric Forum was so helpful I am posting what issues & solutions were executed to put a Unit the local retailer who sold the Unit told me they could not work on it. They sold it to my customer. They did ask me if I fixed it to let them know what I did. I’m a Chief Engineer. DC has provided me a income to max out SS contributions for numerous years.
The Ruff & Tuff LSV was purchased because of the tax breaks. My customer had someone remove the failed 8V Gel Cell batteries and replaced them with 6V Golf Cart batteries. The Unit was powered by a Curtis 1268 generic controller. The controller was giving a code 2,1 which is low voltage, also giving a 1,2 code Throttle wiper out of tolerance. I Chatted with Flight Systems, they can R&R a controller as long as it will power up for these units. I installed 4 12V Deep Cycle 24 series batteries, 75AH units, replaced the onboard Charger with a Minn Kota 4 Bank Digital Charger mounting it where the old charger was mounted. The Minn Kota unit can be mounted in any position. A Code 2,1 locks the Curtis Controller out to prevent low voltage / high amperage damage to the Unit components. Once the correct voltage system was installed the Code 2,1 cleared. I unplugged any environmentally exposed plug to either remove or install a marine plug in its place. The plug for the Throttle was in very poor condition, it was totally removed and hard wired with Shrink Butt Splices. The Code 1,2 then cleared. Also found damaged plugs in the dash. After repairing all of those the lights & wipers started working. We have put the Cart through its paces and it is performing well. The charger works great, the batteries are enough to run around a golf cart community with out loosing too much voltage. I hope this helps other LSV owners.

Thank you i just happen to have 2 r&t carts i am willing to part with one of them if anyone would like thay can call me and we can talk i have one with a new motor computer and charger i will sale all or part 317)847-9085 jim