Ruff n tuff elec issue

I have a 2010 Ruff n Tuff that has power but will not go forward or reverse. The box I between the batteries below the solenoids (computer box?) is flashing a code. It flashes once then a pause, then flashes twice. Can anyone help me out or point me in the right direction?



Michael… have you asked or looked at the Buggies gone wild or this site?

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Hi Michael;

I have the same model and same problem. My cart has a Curtis DC motor Controller Model 1268. The manual (from the Curtis Website) has a list of status conditions for the LED indicator on the controller. The 1,2 flash is listed as Throttle Fault 1 / Wiper signal out of range (pot low fault).
Possible causes:

  1. Throttle input wire open
  2. Throttle input wire shorted to B+ or B-
  3. Throttle pot defective

Here’s a link to the manual: never mind-site won’t allow URL to be posted-I’m not trustworthy…

That’s as far as I’ve gotten this evening (cart quit yesterday). I’ll keep plugging away in my spare time. I’ll check out my throttle next.

Good luck,


New to this forum. I own a R&T 2009 Hunter 4x4. Mice ate up wiring harness. Can any one give me the wiring diagram for the 2–30 amp relays in the dash that control the transfer case and 4x4 lock?
Thanks Mark

Hi I am new to these forums I have just bought a ruff and Tuff 6 passenger golf car from my boss who has no idea about it at all year anything. I have changed out batteries bought new charger and rexeptical, my lights horn and turn signals do not work and I’m looking for a wiring diagram can anyone help please