Ruff and tuff code help?

please some one help me. I just bought my first cart it’s 48v ruff and tuff that just will not go. The fellow that sold me the stupid thing told me it doesn’t run but he just had the motor redone and the batteries done. Thinking it might be a seloniod. But the box is flashing a code at me and was hoping some could help me since there is no such thing as a service manual on these things. Hoping so one could tell me what it means. It flashes three times and then four times. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks ahead of time for any help

Ask the guys on the Buggys Unlimited site they have a Ruffand Tuff section.

Can’t find it. Buggies unlimited doesn’t have a ruff and tuff like this one does. I probably just can’t find it. But I’ve been on there as a guest and mo luck

Can I use any controller that’s 48 volts

Hey Kingfish122, what is your buggy specs/model? I only know mine pretty well but I can try to help.

I don’t think you can use any motor controller. My hunter 4x4 has a separately excited DC motor… I’m not sure this is a common motor type for golf carts, but you can certainly find same Curtis SepEx controller around the interwebs. You just want to be certain it isn’t a solenoid or throttle issue so you don’t buy a new controller and still have a problem.

lets start at the beginning

What is the year and model # of the cart

What is the make and model # of the controller?

What is the make and model # of the charger?

What is the make and model # of the DC/DC converter?

Is the wiring in original condition or has somebody messed with it?

3.4 is field winding open or bad connection on a 1268 Curtis controller (Just Guessing that you may be equipped with this controller)

Go here :

Technical Manuals For Troubleshooting Curtis Controls

See if this helps out in any way.

Kingfish122: Any updates? Did you have a motor problem?