2008 Ruff and Tuff 4x4 Hunter

Hey GUys,

New to the forums. I need a little help. About a week ago my ruff and tuff started to go half speed. Only for a moment and then it would kick into full throttle. Now it is stuck in half speed. the controller is blinking 3 Red Pause 2 Red. Any idea what this means? The cart only goes about half speed. Controller Model Number is CTL7500D 48 Volt 650A. I am not sure it is the controller or what. Any help would be great! Thanks!

Does your buggy have a 1/2 speed switch in the glove box?

No it does not. If I drive the golf cart around for about 5 minutes, it will kick into high gear. It will go in and out. Any idea?

It was a bad reverse contactor

Just curious, when you mentioned reverse Contactor are you talking about the forward reverse switch? I am trying to compile as much info as I can to try and take this Beast. There has to be a way to simplify a R&T and rewire it more like an EZEGo or another normal cart.