2007 Gem Car Turtle mode issues

I have a 2007 Gem Car E4 I Purchased from a car dealer. They installed new gel batteries before I purchased and put it up for sale. I trailer-ed it home and put a full charge on the batteries. I drove it less than 2 miles and the car goes into turtle mode and shows the red bar only. Limped it home and charged again as the yellow and then green bars showed charging progress. Took it out again and same thing happened. I bought for aging parents and really need some help getting this thing working right.

Did charger finish cycle?
Watch the leads on charger when first powered.
Should blink a code. Ie 1 blink 3 blink repeat.
If charge does not complete it will blink an error code.

Don’t trust the dealer. With a voltmeter you can check his work.

Charger finished cycle. Didn’t check charger as battery indicator shows fully charged. I’ll plug back in and observe full charge, then I’ll turn the key on and observe the charger codes tonight. Also want to install a stereo as well. Ideas on where to connect the ACC and B+ leads from the stereo? I’m thinking best to add a small 12V motorcycle battery for the stereo.

It was only loose battery cables.

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Getting back to the stereo install due to other projects. Can you send or draw me a simple schematic to install a stereo to this 2007 Gem? I know there is a 10 amp fuse for a radio. Thanks much!

Here is the installation instructions I wrote when I worked at GEM back in early 2000’s

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Thanks Banger and welcome to forum

@Banger978 - Neat! You must have an interesting library. How limited are you in sharing these things?

I can share everything I have.
Here are some more.

I also have artwork for decals, I have some for sale here…

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WOW! That directory is a veritable gold mine of info…

Thank you!

The clean digital service manual w/ legible, complete electrical schematics is worth the price of admission alone.

This is like the next best thing to ever happen to the 99-04 years. Right after the invention of the hydrogen peroxide - silver rocket motor. :laughing:

Awesome - Thanks Bangar!
Yes, I have been looking for a clean copy of the schematic for a while.
I was thinking about redrawing that whole thing, but also incorporate the wiring update with the DC Converter and the PWB removed. This saves me a TON of work.

It’s going to take a while to explore all of the other goodies in your library.

I changed 2 batteries on my 2008 Gem and now all of the dash lights are blinking. Wrench light temp light turtle light and the forward / reverse light. The car still runs good but the lights are flashing. I’ve changed 2 other batteries earlier and all went well. I’m not sure what caused the problem this time. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Barry

I changed 2 batteries on my 2008 Gem and now all of the dash lights are blinking.

Good Lord! Are you still dealing with that issue? Or did it happen again?
You posted this same issue back in Nov 2020.

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Sorry for tacking on to someone else post. I couldn’t figure out how to create a new post. And yes I never got the problem resolved. Never got an answer from anyone,

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Crap. That didnt work

Glad I could help. If I find more, I will post them.