2007 Gem Car Turtle mode issues

Michel aka @LithiumGods one piece, drop in. Easiest of all battery swaps. $2750

2 are boxed ready to ship from mn.
Pick up in Fl. Or Ca.

100s sold, about 30 miles range.
Sdi samsung 94ah display

About same price as a new a new set of gels. Minimum 30 mile range, but most get 35-40. Works with factory components, including dash gauge. Comes with Bluetooth phone app. Charge for winter, turn off battery and they can sit for years no problem.

7 years is great for gels. Theyve lived a good life. Time to move on.

Which lithium battery are you referring to?

Looks like you would need new cables. Yes?

2007, no. Oem cables work fine. Just connect + and -.

Excellent. Do you have the batteries for sale or should I reach out to someone else? Thanks!

I have them in Mn. ready to ship, but payment goes to @LithiumGods Lithiumgods

Do you have a close up picture of the battery? What payment method do you prefer?

I take zelle, Venmo, and PayPal. Email directly , I’m in Europe and it’s easier. wmgceo@gmail.com. Mike

Sdi-22 connections

These batteries look much bigger than what I have currently. The battery cables look quite small in comparison to what I currently have. I’m assuming those are for demonstration purposes only. I’m assuming the same number of lithium batteries are required. Total cost is?


Wires are just going to a voltmeter.
Only one battery is needed.
Battery is what you need for a Gem. 100s sold.

Got it. Just use the main power and negative cables. I’m out of the country starting this Friday until next Saturday. I’ll reconnect with you then. Thanks much!

Got a cell number in case of any issues on the conversion? Thanks!

What’s the little black box on top of the battery?


(Its the bms.)

Got it. Thanks for the quick response all!

Hey smitty,

Note that this install does require a little fab skills, some minor tooling, and heavy lifting.

The single piece SDI22 battery weighs about 120 lbs and the target location is under the back seat center section and rearward.

You will need to remove whatever you have on the back of your car (Mini stakebed and/or spat/fender assembly) to remove the old batteries and prepare the location to slide the new one in.

It works out best if a deck is made to span the area.
Make sure this is something you can do.

Where are you located?

I’m located in Indiana. If I have instructions, I’m all in and capable.