2007 Gem e6 going turtle

I have a new to me 2007 E6 that I bought a few weeks ago. All was going good until this past week. I was getting atleast 20 miles on one charge. Actually went 18 miles before I came home and it still didn’t get to turtle mode. This week I would go less than 2 miles and it would go from showing a full charge to blinking red and goes into turtle mode. I’ve looked all over the forums for advice. Checked the SOC and changed it when the battery charger showed full. Still doing it. No the charger is showing 4 blinking red lights. I checked delta q site for code and have to try each battery on a charger, but when I put a multimeter to them at rest they are showing 8.28-8.31. Any ideas?

Does charger fail immediately?

If it fails when led shows high charge rate you need a heavier circuit or extension cord.
A bad connection on the ac side will do it also. Check the iec plug 6" from charger.

It does not fail right away. It is charging for a few minutes (10 minutes or so) and then goes to 4 red lights. I am using a pretty long extension cord and didnt even think about that. I am going to try that right now and see what happens. I will let you know.

Had it plugged in directly to the outlet. Has been on the charger for about 12 hours now. And is getting to the blinking green and is almost fully charged. That did the trick. Working on getting a new extension cord. What size would you recommend? Length and gauge.

Bigger is better. Less heat in charger with higher voltage.
I use a 14awg 25’ cord, but have used longer and smaller. Remember, you may have 100’ of 14 or 12 awg in the wall. Pick outlet nearest service panel. A 20a circuit isn’t needed but it will have heavier wire.

My gem is failing immediately and giving 4 red blinking lights. Any idea


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Does the body good.