2007 stuck in Turtle

Hey I have a 2007 gem. I bought as a Clean it up and sell it. Well I think I might have got to aggressive in the clean mode!

I was cleaning it and getting Walter everywhere and I recall a beeping noise similar to the back up beeper but muted coming from the car after I got it good and wet. I flipped the main breaker and the beep tone went away.

Well I let the car dry out 4-6 days and now I get the flashing turtle :(((
What should I do or what should I check from this point

Do you have any codes?

Do the hair dryer bit around the area of the main contactor,

Unplug and blow out ALL electric connector plugs Start with the 23 pin on the controller

Alternately face North then South and repeat 20 times I will not spray water under the dash ever again,


Looks like the batterys have given up the ghost. The dash show a full pack but after the pack drops 1-2 bars the pack voltage drops and puts the car into turtle mode. So I guess I was fooled by the dash telling me I had a full pack but in reality my pack voltage was most likely very low.

Like I said I bought this car with almost now history of how, what, when or anything about battery age or strength. Well I guess I found out the quick way batterys are very week.

I just sent an email, in answer to question.
I’ll post results here too. fwiw

Graph shows my 2008 going into turtle mode to save batteries from <60volts.

Time permitting I’ll see if I can reprogram lower limit of T4 to match lithium.