2006 Gem car gas pedal

Trip, if my pedal is not making the right contact on the inside will this make the car jerky on take off. I might have to get you to set me up a pedal…

Trip…can you email me. Just joined forum. Need a potentiometer for my 2006 gem. Thanks my friend !

Hi Trip…I am in need of a potentiometer for my 2006 GEM. Be more than happy to pay. I heard you have a great way of retrofitting. Thanks !

I can put one together for you. Unfortunately have to raise the price to 200 plus shipping. Costs me close to 200 to put it together

NO WORRIES…THANKYOU TRIP :blush::blush::blush: PLEASE call me at your convenience 530 474 4015. Sincerely Dan L

Trip …waiting for your call

Trip…that would be fine. Can I call you or you can call me 530 474 4015. Would like to make this happen asap. Thx !

On a job right now, will call this afternoon

Great ! In a power shutdown right now due to Pavific Gas and Electric. Power will be restored after 5 pm today ( California time ) looking forward to hearing from you. Sincerely Dan L

Trip…Never heard from you. Still waiting. Don’t really really want to ho another route but I need to make it happen. PLEASE call me today 530 474 4015