2006 e6

Goes into Turf mode when BCI drops 1 Bar.

Changed Controller Same O, Same O:(:(:frowning:

This would be a perfect time to connect to “monitor” in sentry.

It will graph current and voltage. Then display minimum volts at controller.
Seems like it is dipping enough to trigger turtle mode.

would resetting the BCI do any good?

Might, I don’t understand what affects the low voltage point.
Also try setting F-15 to 70 volts.

I tried different voltage settings and could see no difference.

Do you notice a dip in voltage under power?

Gotta put a gauge on it

Try the monitor function sometime. Once you get the hang of it you’ll be glad you did.

Some body had the same problem recently. Does anybody remember the thread?

I remember yours about soc gauge.

And this one about slow speed. http://www.electricforum.com/cars/gem-nevs-forum/10202-15mph-max.html

Does yours show wrench?

how do you reset the BCI? M
ine seems stuck at 100%

Rodney ,

did u get your e6 to work right ?


Link to SOC reset.

I think that info should become a sticky .