Turtle mode

2010 EL

Ever since I ran my AGM batteries almost to yellow, turtle has been on.
When external agm charger completed, SOC was still low.
Battery voltage correct. Car runs fine. Might be a little slow, but it turned cold at the same time.
Corrected soc indicator as per usual.
Can’t get rid of turtle.
Tried power resets.
Clearing faults.
Monitor with sentry sw, shows controller has 75 volts.

Not sure if the Gem measures soc or the GE controller. Or both, with the Gem sw scaling the data from controller.

Any cold weather Gem owners have issues? My first winter ride.

Hope I wake up with a solution. Out of ideas tonight.

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I couldn’t get rid of turtle till I added water to my lead batteries. Found that some of the cells were low in the middle of the pack.

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David have you done a load test on your agm batterys just wondering what the cold cranking Amps are of each of your battery’s should be up and over 600 Amps each ine

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Haven’t checked anything yet. Wouldn’t it only go into turtle under load if battery issue?

I can reset power, turn key on and turtle is blinking right away.

Must be a special turtle mode from a charger that’s not happy.
When changing the DQ back to #32, turtle went away.
It could also be that the car needs to see high voltage to reset.

Profile #32 peaks at 96volts then fails. Cold AGMs
I’ve never recorded that high.
Double checked with meter.
Both are within 1/2v at 72 volts.

When I run it down a little, I’ll graph the profile #8 with a different DQ.

If your car has Gell/ AGM’s shouldn’t you be running program #8

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Yes but, Gems don’t have #8.
I can add #8 but it doesn’t work in a Gem charger.
A non-Gem DQ works fine with #8, off board. Did not reset turtle mode.
Then put the Gem charger back to #32. It fails to finish, yet resets turtle.

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