2005 GEM E2 drive & power electical problem

Just wanted to bounce off anyone that has had this issue and get your thoughts to determine what might be my electrical problem. First I will explain what is happening when we drive the vehicle.

We starting from a dead stop or will be going along at half speed sometimes …I push down on the accelerator for speed and it starts to speed up and then the contactor will disengage. I release the pedal and I can get it to go again and may be ok and other times may disengage again. If it is still having a problem…I then hobble back home very slowly, charge the batteries back to full level and shut of the master switch off for at least the 15 minute time noted in the trouble shooting guide. The GEM might be ok for a few days then the problem comes back.

I do not read or get any error messages on the steering display…so I went to the electrical trouble shooting step by step guide. I used the GEM 2005 - 2010 Drive and Power System troubleshooting Chart A. I tested up through step 11 which has me check the #13 fuse for continuity. I assume this means to check the fuse itself and then measure voltage between fuse location to ground. I found the fuse to have continuity, but only 50 approximate voltage at #13 instead of 72 volts. I assume this means a bad PSDM? I also have found the key switch to be touchy. The key switch might be the best place to start if replacing parts.

Well I hope that gives you enough information to provide your thoughts. Appreciate any help on the matter.


Start with battery connections. Monitor voltage at controller if you can, to see if it drops under load. A bad connection will be warm after driving.
When you say that you check voltage from ground, do you mean, from B- ?
Battery is not connected to frame.

I am having the same problem. We’re you able to get it fixed.

Had same issue on a 2002 GEm and it ended up being loose battery connections.

Thanks for the info…

I followed the 2005 GEM step by step service trouble manual. Checked all
battery connection to prove 72 volts at specified location. Also did the
ground test as noted in step #12 from Fuse #9 to ground shown in the
attachment below.
What do you consider a ground point on a GEM?


Sorry I meant step #11 where you check fuse #13 to ground.

For the 72v system B- at battery or controller. It should not be connected to frame. Readings to frame will be meaningless.

I have a 2005 el and was going thru very similar problems to what you described. I just replaced the converter and it appears to be working well again. So that is another thing to check.

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