Full Voltage, Wont run

Hi folks, I am working on a 2013 Gem e2. I have charged the batteries individually, I now have 78 volts from the batteries, but when I turn on the key it says only 59 and wont run, I have connected the onboard charger and it works for 10 - 20 minutes then shuts off. It is producing 78 volts. I have no error messages…Help!!!

I just checked voltage to the controller and it has 75 v going in…The panel says 0 mph, the brake light is on even with the parking brake off and the master cylinder full. it then says E 59.7 miles. the seat belt light is on and the battery has one red bar only.


you can try to turn off master switch some minutes and see if you get full batt meter

E 59.7 are how much energy you have used to charged,you can change that with trip switch on panel

if brake light is on you can have loose Cable or problem with park brake switch under seat

With the switch on check each battery voltage. I suspect a bad battery/s

The brake light switch is ok I bypassed it and still get the same results, when I hook up the onboard charger, the e 59 climbs to 60.3 then shuts off. I load banked all the batteries this am and they were almost perfect. nothing dropped below 11.4 v with 500 amp load. All recovered to over 12.5 instantly…I have a feeling there is a computer problem here…Thanks for the help everyone

Checked all the fuses and 12v stuff, all good. Lights, blinkers, horn, all work even the back up alarm, but it doesn’t move

with key off did you here summer sounds if release park brake ?

yes it has an alarm that sounds if the key is off and the parking brake is off

Just a guess. The gas (electric) pedal might have a connection problem??? Barry

Thanks for the reply. I’ll check the pedal, but the panel says low voltage and the parking brake light stays on even with it off. Still have 75 v to the controller…

It’s an 013. Is it not under warrenty?

unfortunately it was bought at some kind of auction in the states and is in Costa Rica now…

im gonna say its a battery problem…put a volt meter on each battery one at a time…turn the key on and try to step on the gas and watch the volt meter and see what it reads…they should all be 12.7 or better and if they drop below 10.5 while under a load …bad battery…I chased a problem on mine foe a week before I found a bad battery.

All batteries are good, I have a load bank and they are all good, nothing happens when I step on the gas. The owner says that the computer has lost it programing and must be reset…He returned yesterday and we will try to fix it today. Thanks for the reply, have a great day.