07 gem wont move

I have a 2007 gem installed new batteries dash powers up no codes showing full charge on dash charger shows 3 bars and charging no codes voltage reads 85 volts on tester car won’t move can anyone help me
Previous owner installed agm batteries did not change algorithm on charger

I’m not a good guesser.
Whenever I invite Rodney, he gets it right.
85v is within a 1/2v of being too high to run. Would show a code though.
Charger unplugged? Parking brake slammed home?

That’s all I got.

Yes charger unplugged parking brake slamed 80 volts in and out of controler the 2 small wires out of cotroler varies but never over 5 volts could it be cotroler?

Not likely. Most problems with motor or controller gives an error code.
Do you you hear a big click when turning the key on?
You won’t have power at controller until main relay clicks in.

What was the last thing you did? Look there.

I get click when I step on excelerater pedal with key on

The click your hearing is the Makeing contact or clicking in.

Be sure your NOT hearing it “Click Out” example you #1 turn the key on. #2 You lower the ebrake thats when you should hear the car “Click In” be sure that when your pushing down on the gas your not hearing the car “click out” or the main contact “un engages”

If the main contact “clicks out” you will have nothing. The car will be all lit up and ready to go but it will do nothing. Let’s be sure what’s going on.

Let us know what position you contact is in when you step on the gas. If your in sure you can take the Dash off and you can see the contact and you should be able to see if it’s clicked in or clicked out

Report back

I get one big click when acselerater pedal depressed I see switch and it’s ingaged this is with key on break off only

The controller pulls in the main contactor.
You can check for 72v from B- to B+ at controller.
Next I would ohm motor.
A to A and F to F
I don’t know if brushes can stick on these motors. On similar brushed motors, I’ve tapped them while rocking car to free them. If you have low ohms A to A they’re ok.
If you make the check from controller ends of wires, it also checks motor connections.

Low ohms on both a a and f f rocking and tapping didn’t work

Then it’s weird controller or wiring problem that doesn’t throw a code.
Try re-seating the 23p connector on controller.
This is where Sentry monitor sw comes in handy.
It allows you to “see” inside controller.

Without that, you’re stuck probing for proper voltage at controller.
I’ll draw a picture, but it’s easier said than done. (probing safely)

Did I invite Rodney? This is more his area. I’m all theory-he has been there and done that. Grant too.

All checked with meter common to B-

Im not sure if you invited anyone else but thanks for all the help I will check plug mon morning

Brushes can and do stick. Typical a stuck brush will just give you poor performance, but I have only had one car that had a stuck brush.

Got the gem working today all I did was reseat 24 pin plug in cotroler lol thanks for all your help it was a learning experience

Got a similar problem. New batteries check charge on each and right at 13 volts. Check input from all batteries and get a little over 72 volts. Turn on switch and solenoid center pole clicks and locks in. Cart will not move at that point. No error codes showing.

I have a 2012 gem eL XD that keeps throwing a 64 and 57 code and I don’t know what to do with it to get it back running can anyone help