Hello fellow GEM people. I have a 2007 gem . Didnt move when I got it. I bought a brand new potentiometer. Bought a brand new GE controller . New Contactor. batteries. STILL I get a code. 57. Sometimes 51. But mostly 57. O have it jacked up. When I turn on the breaker, ignition and release e brake. Display happy. I slowly depress accelerator. Here the great click. Wheels turn half rotation. Then the deadly wrench …code 57. PLEASE HELP. There are three pair of wires that are not connected. I have pics. Maybe the problem. Bought it that way. PLEASE Point me in the right direction. Thankyou !!!

post pictures . Hard to tell if wires are disconnected without anything to look at . Which motor ?

It’s a 2006 stock motor for GEM. The wheels go to turn then stops and the error 57…sometimes 51 displays. Contactor activates. So everything appears to react

The 3 main things that keep a gem from running are controller , accelerator pedal and motor . If you have replaced the controller and pedal that leaves motor . @oldhouseboater on here will service it for you . Maybe if you live close to another member you can try a different motor .

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Sorry my friend. It’s not the motor. The motor starts to turn wheels then stops. The code states low voltage to controller. So I’m returning ot gor another one

Sounds right.
Ohm the motor
Disconnect armature leads to see if code changes
Test with a known good motor
Connect a (dummy load) 300w or larger lamp in place of armature windings

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Check this out my friend…I found 2 2 wire connectors not hooked up. Here are pics. Also couldnt I just test the motor with a 12 volt battery ( old school ) thanks !!!

Are the armature leads the s leads ?

Update. My fluke tester on the motor …A1 - A2 - .8 ohms…F1 - F2 - 1.3 ohms. Told that was good. Thanks

UPDATE…Brushes good. Disconnected all to motor to isolate. Attached F1 & A1 to negative 12 volt battery. Attached F2 & A2 to positive. Wheels turn perfectly at 12 volts. Must be a defective controller from FSIP. Started rma and another is on it’s way! That should go it. Keep you posted. Sincerely Dan

Yes, if same code after disconnecting it must be controller.