2005 ES Powers - No Movement

Acquired use 2005 ES

Batteries checked individually and all are charged

On Board charger works and charged batteries till green light solid

Turn Key can here relay in PSDM click

Instrument panel lights up not issues

Push accelerator no codes though car does not move

Checked voltage and it’s all correct (searched forums to get correct voltage)

Could issue be in the accelerator?

When you step on the accelerator in gear and Parking brake off, do you hear a click?

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There is no click when pressing the Accelerator and parking brake is off

Most likely FS1 (switch) in throttle.
One of my customers on here has a kit for that if it’s in throttle assembly.
Add an external FS1

P3 should read 1/2 battery volts. Pressing throttle, P3 should go to near zero volts.
An easy way might be to get rough with throttle power off. See if you can get it to work one more time to confirm.
Also reseat 23p connector. Clean and lube as per GE.

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