Won’t move with released

Hello. I have a 2009 or 2010Gem 2 seater. Not sure the because I inherited it with less than 200 miles. I’ve used it for 5 or 6 years now, and it has about 700 miles in it now. It has brand new batteries and a new gas pedal from Polaris. A new issue has come up. It charges fully, and will move normally. But I’m the last few days it has stalled in motion, and won’t restart. When this occurs I get “click” when releasing the parking brake. All accessories work with key on, but no movement. Wondering where to start. I have limited knowledge of electrical things, so it will take me some time to investigate ur suggestions. The last few times it has resolved with a little time. But today it has not. So I believe the problem area has finally showed itself. Please help if u can.

  1. Are there any codes on your dash display when it refuses to go?

  2. When was the last time you serviced your motor?

The click should be very repeatable. When KeyOn and BrakeDown, and you press the pedal there should be a nice “snap” from the Main Contactor under the dash. Then if you release the throttle pedal it should “click” again after a few seconds of non-activity and immediately if you pull up on the handbrake. If this is happening then you car wants to go.
(See #2 above)

How big is your toolbox?
Do you have a meter?
What is your skill set?

Depending on how you answer the above questions it will adjust the direction this needs to go.

It is giving me a -04, and apparently that indicates the handbrake micro switch?

I’ve never Sevices the motor, and I’m not quite sure how that is done. It was performing better than ever with brand new batteries this season.

This all started after some heavy rains here in Florida. It’s not always under cover.

Thanks for getting back to me on this.

Just wanted to clarify my initial post….since I misstated a condition.

It is not “clicking” or “snapping” as usual.

The first time I noticed a problem, it was clicking…with the key off, and brake up.

Also the display was on…with key off , which is another unusual deviation from normal operation.

My toolbox is SAE standard. I’ve burned a few wiring harnesses as a young man. But I can follow directions now pretty well. Thanks again for reply.

First, If you are unsure of the year of your car, Look on the VIN/info sticker located on the driver side of the car above the rear window opening. As an alternate, provide some pics of your car and we might be able to run a few guesses as to the generation of your car.

It also sounds like you did not get any paperwork with your car? This would have the Manufacture date on it also.

Does your car have a round display on your dash?
or rectangle LCD color display?

Here are the pics.
Uploading: AAF4937C-86D7-40CE-A1DE-4DD162017AB5.jpeg…
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If the pics don’t come thru, I’ll respond to your email.

No I was given the cart from work before I retired. It had sat in my studio for about 10 years.

You did not give the pics enough time to load into the editor.
Wait a little longer before tapping the reply button.

Yep- exactly what I thought.
Just so you know- This is NOT a 2009~10 car.
Consider the a Gen 1 or a 2003.
It makes a HUGE difference when it comes to diagnosing issues and ordering parts.

Yes- The -04 code is directly related to the HandBrake and will show on the display when you pull up on the handle. It should go OFF when released and all the way down. It should not display when driving. If your car stops and this code shows then you may need to adjust it or have your dealer replace it.

Since it sounds like you are not aware- There are two NTSB safety recalls that apply to your generation of cars. I looked up status on your car (using your VIN) here:

It shows the Major recall (DC Converter) as being UNAPPLIED and the Handbrake Update being “Unknown”.

Both of these are well worth getting done. Take this info to your dealer and see if they can get the parts, have the talent to do it, and still honor it. (some people report their dealer will not)

Well, thought I would update you on this.I found the Polaris dealer in Tampa, and they agreed to do the work. They have had it for over 3-4 months now….not very efficient shop. But both recalls have been performed, according to the manager. I haven’t seen the cart since getting it towed there. Called this week and they said -04 code is still showing after brake replacement. Maybe just adjustment? At any rate, I’m waiting for them to come up with an answer.

Thanks for your help.

Are you asking for help? It sounds like I need to chat with whoever is working on your car.
Ironic that the -04 was the original reason for your post 3 mos ago.
Either they didn’t actually swap out the handbrake or some wiring issues need to be sorted out.

I could point you in a direction but without the car being handy I think my instructions would be lost.

Hello again. Well the cart was serviced. Only the park brake. They did not do the controller….not sure why. But was happy to have it back.

I put all new batteries in it, and has been fine until the last few days. It seems to shut off during rides…momentarily….and then resume. Seems like it does this when turning corners or on incline or decline. Seems like it is some loose connection. The display drops out at this time. Also if it happens right away when I take off; it sometimes won’t come back on until I get off the seat…pull it up… and put it back on. Then it goes, but just now, it stopped as soon as I tried to take off. Not urgent, but if u see this and have a moment, let me know what u might think.

Also, it has a new pedal from Polaris that I put in myself earlier this year before the other problem you helped me with.

The ignition switch is known to cause a similar problem. Especially if a heavy load of keys are on the ring.

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Only one key on there. I feel like it is something with the brake again…because of what happens when I lift the seat.

I find it absurd that this dealer had the car for 3 mos and the only thing they replaced was the brake handle.

Did they have any explanation about why they did not perform the safety recall for the DC Converter?

Oddly enough, these symptoms could be related to a failing DC Converter.

Q- If you switch on the main Power(at battery pack), leave the Key OFF, and drop brake- Does this produce a constant beep?

Me too. That’s completly asinine.

In three months they totally could have gotten a master case of bullets, a jerrycan of gas & a road flare, rented a dozer, and even booked cargo on space x.

Epic fail.

Well that was Extreme Motor Sports in Tampa for everyone’s awareness.

Tried to move it again today. Turn the key on, let down the parking brake. It moved about a foot and then shut off. No display, no power to anything else. Ideas?