05 Es all power gone!

I have an 05 Es and I was driving along and all the power shut off. The main breaker does not change anything. The charger (deltaq) comes on and acts like it starts to change. Then it blinks 100 percent. How should I check the fuses? The cart went to neutral when it happened. It has never been able to push freely.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

I am no expert, but check all your battery connections for corrosion. A corroded connection (including grounds and power connections) can cause high resistance making the charger think the batteries are fully charged. If all the cable ends are cleaned and good and it still does the same thing, load test each battery to make sure all of them are good.


How old are the batteries? I would expect one of them to be dead given the symptoms.

I’d also look at your brake system. With emergency brake off, cart SHOULD be fairly easy to push with one hand. If not you might have a problem with a brake dragging.

Three of the batteries are brand-new the others are in good shape. I will check and give voltages for each. The brake is not on. The motor is what stops it when there is power to the cart. It will drive with the emergency brake on and this model. There is no kill switch.

Belay… have you checked on the emergency brake recall on your car? not sure if that could be the problem… on my car the brakes would tighten up… but it might also cut your power… you said some batteries were new and some weren’t… assuming they all are Deka batteries… my rule is when you change batteries… change the complete pack… check the voltage of each battery… the all should be about 14.2v… am sure there is a way to check that you have 72v to the motor… I just drive mine

you said the charger blinks 100%… there should be no blink from the charger… when you plug the charger in there iare two yellow lights at the top… one moves to the bottom then moves back up as the charger charges… when the batteries are totally charged you should see a yellow and green light… up plug and you’re good to go… the yellow light will flash light when you’re plugged in and have the master switch in the off position… the master switch must be ON when the charging cord is plugged in


Thank you for your responses. I only put three new ones in because the cart had been sitting in the woods for three years. I could not see spending the money for a crap shoot just to see if the cart turned on. I borrowed the others. I am going to get three new ones this week to make it a set. They were made by deka and I still haven’t checked the voltage. I think one of the borrowed ones went bad. The charger is acting like there is no pack to charge. That’s why I was wondering what the large fuse should ohm to.


Charger needs to see voltage to start cycle.

I don’t know from ohms… I had a charger go bad… think the lights just wouldn’t come on… if the batteries are dead… each battery must be charged separately… that’s why Dave says the charger needs to see voltage… when I bought my car it had been sitting… the seller was good enough to charge all the batteries and also found the power cord had a short… fixed that and the car drove another 6 months before I had to replace the original batteries… actually the car was 6 years old before I changed batteries…

recharge all the batteries… see if the one is bad… you might be good to go


The other reason the charger doesn’t see voltage is because the ten amp fuse blew on the 72 volt system in the fuse panel. I tried to ohm it and it was blown. The batteries were a little low. But that was how it was when I lost power. They were all very close to the same voltage. I replaced the fuse and everything came back to life. The charger is functioning properly now.

Thank you all