2005 e4 charger question

Is it possible to program the charger to continuously beep when the charger has completed charging? I like to turn off the GEMs master switch when the charge cycle completes so that I start out the next day with a full charge…if I leave the charger plugged in and the master switch on after 6 hours the BDI will drop one bar after about one mile…if I get to the cart just after the charge is complete and turn off the master switch I drop one bar after 3 miles, if it would beep it would really help! My RC car battery charger beeps on completion, you would think a charger like these might have this feature also.



it is possible that you have a current draw. This means that something electrical is not turning off when the key is removed. Eventually, the battery will go flat when stored and will need to be manually charged. Running the battery way down will also shorten its life. I would suggest tracking down and fixing the issue as opposed to turning off the master switch after charging. Any easy way to do this is to remove one fuse only before charging and see if the problem dissappears the next time you drive. If not, try the next one. Eventually, you should get the one with the draw and the GEM will still have full charge the next time it is driven. You can then look in the manual to find what circuit this fuse serves and check those components and wiring.



Thanks, I just assumed it was the controller drawing power. I will try the fuse trick!