2002 Ford Think For Sale

My buddy has a white two seater 2002 Ford Think for sale. It has the updated cluster from Bob the cluster guy that was done a year ago along with the D2 controller that was rebuilt by FSIP last year and upgraded to 500 amp instead of the usual 350 amp. It has the upgraded delta q charger and the upgraded 6 hp motor. He replaced the batteries with factory deka gels about three years ago. He just bought a four seater so he no longer needs this. The speedo doesn’t work because it needs a new speed sensor which are the same as a club car so it’s $14 on amazon. He only wants $3500 for it which is a great deal. It’s located in North Redington Beach Florida. If you’re interested message me and I’ll give you his contact info.


I’ll see if I can get some.

Ford Think
Ford Think 1
Ford Think 2
Ford Think 3
Ford Think 4
Ford Think 5

Well that didn’t work very well. He has it listed on Craigslist Tampa so the pictures are much better there.

Found it, I’ll take it if clear title and can hold it til George can pick it up.

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David, question…
All Ford Thinks were 2002, the line was a one year and done, correct?

Only two variants, 2-seat and 4-seat (not counting 2-seat with rear facing jump seats)? No lwb “truck” or 6 seater?

Ok, that was three questions.

Yes only made in 2002. A one year wonder lol. They made changes twice in that year from the early built ones. So the latest models were the best as they fixed most of the problems. The mid-builds better than the early builds.

They had a two seater, four seater and a truck. No factory 6 seater

Sent private message with his contact info.

Thanks. From what I’ve heard from people I know it sounds like the think was a better vehicle than the gem, albeit more complicated. Why the demise? Simply a tax credit / carbon offset vehicle?

So this bathtub kind of back half was actually stock?

think truck maybe

Neat. I always thought that was a custom kit of some sort.

Interested in case Dave doesn’t want it, just for fun because have never had one.

Yes, that’s the factory Think truck. A lot of people love them.

They made them to meet a new California emissions standard that started in January of 2002 but then I was told that they did away with that new standard, so Ford no longer had to make them.

It’s a shame because they did have some issues but all in all they’re a sweet ride. I like them a lot more than the early Gems. They ride a lot better, have far better braking and they’re wider so you’re not elbow to elbow with your passenger.

Need one to put a Pmac and burn some rubber :face_with_peeking_eye:

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I’ll let you know if Dave changes his mind.

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Thanks David.

CA emissions… Sounds like something we would do. Lol.

Go for it.
I don’t need another one. It just sounds like a deal.

I’ve called the guy, waiting for his answer. @David_Illingworth tell him a 561 guy is calling him :slightly_smiling_face:

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There are 3 or so of them running around the neighborhood. I tracked down 2 of the owners and they love them. I was trying to convince one of them to do an AC conversion but he never bit.

Would be curious to see what @djgabriel2004 @Inwo could do with these

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I have some Pmac and s6’s, it’ll be interesting to see it Matching it with a 6:1 + lithium

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@AssyRequired and I have a spare Think differential. @Inwo had us on a mission to see if we could couple a 8kw motor to it. Then there didn’t seem to be enough interest from the Think crowd.

If you buy the think and have a need, let us know and we can figure out how to get it to you

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