Ford think Transmission

Hello All,

Just bought a Think yesterday…As I get to know the vehicle I wonder if any of you have any suggestions/ideas/tips . It is a 2002 with a delta q charger and new dekka gel batteries. It runs grate-as far as I know thus far. it goes 35 mph and has an on-board de-sulfator couple of questions to post

I hear a clunk when first going either forward or backward-normal?
there is an electrical odor after I run the vehicle-normal?
the re-set button on the cluster wont re-set anything-troubleshoot

I am interested in purchasing a cover and an enclosure-any suggestions were to look

Thank you all

Sergio-San Diego

You can get new or used from LSV Carts in Coats Mesa, CA. Google Ford Think Enclosures and a bunce will pop up
I just paid $250.00 a used one in really good shape from Craigs list

Happy Hunting

Check out O.C. Monster Carts :

3303 Harbor Blvd. Suite K-1
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

I think the clunk that you always hear is pretty normal as long as they are not loud. The clunk is coming from a wheel bearing, you just need a little lubrication in order to ease down a bit the clunk sound. LSV carts are awesome but lately they are limited on the street due to restrictions.

my friends at INNOVATION MOTORSPORTS in Mesa AZ just posted this on FaceBook…

Need any rare or “hard to find” Ford TH!NK or GEM car parts? Call our good friends at NEV accessories (480) 753-0685 & ask for Ivan. They have one of the largest GEM car / TH!NK bone yards out there & they sell used parts as well.