What are Ford Thinks selling for?

In your humble opinions, what is the value of a Ford Think Neighbor 4 seater with 1000 miles?

I’ve spent more time repairing this Think of mine than using it over the past 6 years. Recently found two of the batteries that I bought in 2017 went bad and replaced them. Was able to get hazards, brakes and horn to work but nothing else. I upgraded the control cluster last year and all seemed fine until a few months ago when nothing would appear on the cluster.

I do notice a snapping noise coming from the service switch after flipping it on. Fuses are all fine, just nothing from cluster or accelerator.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Most important, what color is it?

A non-running 02 gem would be worth about 1000. 1500 if it’s in nice shape. So few thinks out there, not easy to say.

Does it have papers/ registered for street?
What is your approx location?

I was being a smartass about the color, Tom.

But that is in very nice condition. I’d be tempted to make you an offer because the RWD system intrigues me, but I haven’t finished my last round of projects and don’t need any more right now.

Located in Gold Canyon Arizona. Yes, tabs registered thru April 2025. Just bought new tires in November.

You need to get it fixed otherwise you won’t get much for it. Noise could be coming from the contactor. It’s located near the switch.

Thanks for the advice, David. I found this YouTube video on testing the contactor. Think Contactor testing - YouTube

Not sure if the person that posted it is accurate.

That’s just testing for the power and ground signal to the controller. First make sure you have battery pack voltage at both the big terminals when the service switch is on and the ignition switch is on. The contactor will turn off after about 10 seconds if you’re just sitting still. As soon as you touch the accel pedal the contactor should come back on.