2002 Ford Think NEV for sale - includes new batteries - $5,700

Selling my 2002 Ford Think - it’s in perfectly good condition but I just never drive it these days and could use the garage space back. I’ve driven it foot-down around our golf community (25MPH) and gotten better than 10 miles range on a charge, which should also be more than enough for 2 rounds of golf on a charge. Comes with a clear title in the prior owner’s name (I’ve never bothered to register it as I drive it in a closed community only), and also the original seatbelts if you’d like to reinstall them to make it road legal. Everything is in good condition, including the following upgrades and service work:

  1. 6 new sealed Polaris gel batteries, maybe 100 miles on the new battery pack in the last year and is always left on the charger.
  2. New white and grey upholstery for front and back seats
  3. New LED headlights
  4. New tires and wheels
  5. New golf cart steering wheel
  6. New charger
  7. New 12V DC converter

Things that are not perfect:
A) The gauge cluster is original and was not activating the 12V circuits for things like lights. I have patched around this with a manual switch on the dash if you need 12V accessories instead of having the cluster rebuilt; if you choose to have the cluster redone (never a bad idea) then the changes can be quickly and easily reverted.
B) I get a bit of drive line noise at right about 16 MPH, which goes away above and below. Not mechanically noticeable - no shudder or vibration.
C) One tire has a very slow leak, I put a bit more air in it every 6 months or so and it’s fine.

More photos coming, it’s full of Christmas presents right now so need a bit of time.

Please post the location for the interested.

// my response if i were you “my garage, duh.”

D’oh. Vehicle is in Gig Harbor, Washington.

Also, I know the photos suck, will get these updated.