Best way to sell my Ford Think Neighbor

Hi, new to this forum…
My husband passed away and I have our 2001 Ford Think golf cart I want to sell. It runs great, has fairly new lithium batteries, all the weather enclosures, and a hitch bar. It’s in really good condition. 2 seats with golf bag carrier in back. 600 miles on it, batteries have full charge. No title that I can find. Any suggestions on how to sell this?
I’m in Florida.
Thank you.

Sorry for your loss… :slightly_frowning_face:

Do you know what kind of Lithium batteries? Where did they come from?
Post or send a picture if you don’t know.

Sorry to hear about your husband.

If you can find the title that will help the value. If it has or had a Florida tag on it than you would be able to get a new title from the DMV.

Posting it on here and Facebook are the best two places. There are a couple different Facebook groups you can advertise on. One is Ford Think Buy/Sell and the other is Ford Think Nation FTN.

They only made Ford Think’s in 2002 so yours is 2002 unless it’s one of the prototypes.

How much are you wanting to get for it?

Where in Florida?

Thank you.
I found this about the batteries: 6 MK Batteries E31 SLD G ST 12V (Gel golf cart) in 2019 but most of that time the kill switch was off so they weren’t being drained.

Does that mean they aren’t lithium? I’m a little out of my league (if you haven’t noticed!).

What do you think its worth?

Thanks David. I don’t think there ever was a title. We bought it in North Carolina from a private party and then moved to St. Petersburg, FL. We never had a plate on it.
I did find this about the batteries: 6 MK Batteries E31 SLD G ST 12V (Gel golf cart) . Does that mean they aren’t lithium? We had the kill switch on it most of the time so the batteries wouldn’t drain when it was stored.
It runs great - I just drove it in our neighborhood golf cart Christmas parade.
But it’s only a 2 seater and if I get another one, I would like 4. I was thinking $2,000 for everything but that’s just a guess. What are your thoughts?



Those batteties are gel cells.

Not lithium. But good technology for conventional design. Bloody spendy too.

I’m sorry for your loss. @David_Illingworth is THE ThInk guy. @AssyRequired is the most percise and methodical troubleshooter I’ve ever met. You are in good hands

Assuming it’s in good shape and the batteries are good, you’re probably on the low end and it would move pretty quickly. I’d be interested if I wasn’t on the opposite side of the country.

At least in California, as long as the vin is clear and there arent any back registration fees, lost title isn’t an issue.

Yes, those aren’t lithium.

I live in St. Pete as well. I might be interested depending on the shape it’s in and which motor and controller it has.

Let me know when I can come look at it.

Most anytime works for me.
Thanks David!

Private message me your address and what time is good for you. Thanks

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