2002 e825 Sputtering

I am getting very frustrated and would appreciate any advice. We had a sudden rainstorm in Southern California and my cart was not covered all of the way. I had some water by the pedal which had already given me trouble before with various error codes. I was going to try and clean the connections but I decided to go ahead and order a new Linemaster pedal based on the info that I found on this site. (I confirmed that it is an exact replacement).

I installed that yesterday which was pretty straightforward since the wire colors matched up perfectly and only left the green wire (I believe this is the ground) which should be fine as that was how it was wired previously.

When I first turned it on, the wheels sounded like they wanted to engage but were not moving. I automatically thought it could be a motor issue but it’s odd because I did not have any issues previously. I jacked up the front of the car and moved the wheels freely with my hand. After I did that, the wheels then turned on their own but I have a lot of sputtering and the cart is not cleanly engaging like it used to.

I find it hard to believe that it’s the new pedal as my prior error codes have gone away, but i’m not sure what else to try other than trying my old pedal again and seeing if the sputtering goes away. It seems like the common response is that it is something motor related (I have the blue Ride-4-fun motor) such as the brushes but I had not seen any issues with that previously.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

if it was uncovered in the blowing SoCA rain storms over the past weeks then I would try blowing out the Hi/Low and F/R switches on the dash along with the key. Then give them a dozen or so cycles each and see if things stabilize any.

From what I read, the car was standing still in the rain so it’s really tough to get water in the motor or under the dash and into the electronics. If you are missing the rubber covering just under the windshield wiper then you could have got some water onto your batteries and into the battery temp sensor. if the senor got wet, it can cause problems but unplugging the display/sensor connector from the charger should eliminate that. Water could have gotten onto your rear batteries too if your rear seat wasn’t covered or tight against the back. check all battery cables front and back and battery voltages to be sure nothings causing problems there.

You said you haven’t had issues with the brushes in the past but have you checked them since this issue occurred? If water got in there it could have caused a brush to stick.