2002 GEM E825 - Stutter at Start


Newbie here at least as a member. So I have a 2002 E825 that when you press the gas it will start with two to three bounces then fully accelerate to speed (the bounces decrease in Turf mode or if you kinda feather the pedal).

I have been researching this forum and narrowed it down to brushes or programming. I removed the motor, cleaned, resurfaced, and inspected all parts including the brushes, installed a new spline bearing, and reassembled everything. I also installed a new passenger half axle while I was in there.

That leaves me to programing. If this cart has never been programed is it still programming or am I missing another possible problem?


Did you put the new rubber bumper in the motor shaft ? usually the cause .

Yes I did. Thank you.

It’s not programming , nothing in programming effects that .

It is 90% motor or defective controller .

Thanks. I look on the forum on troubleshooting the controller and motor.

Just curious if you ever resolved the problem. We have similar problem, we sent controller in to FSIP to be tested and all was good. We are not going to check wiring harness, going to check wire connections now