2000 GEM speed sensor bolt size

The bolt backed out of the speed sensor magnet, mangling both the bolt and the magnet. I have a spare sensor and magnet, but I need to re-tap the motor shaft because the threads are ruined. The bolt has more threads than a 6/32 but fewer than a M3-.50 and I cant get a nut on it figure things out. Does anyone know the bolt size? I want to buy the correct tap.

Thank you.

What motor do you have?

Thanks for replying. It has the original motor that came is the 2000 e825. I’m not sure other than that. It has the sensor behind an aluminum plate one the end of the motor. I can search for an ID plate if needed.

That sounds like an original GE 3.5? See if it still has a label.
Possibly post a picture?

It is the original GE 3.5.

All the magnet needs to do is turn with the shaft.
Glue might be a fix.

@Inwo -that’s all external, on those, right?

Those short GE motors used from 00 to 04 and even made their way into some 05s are a bit of a kludge to put back together once you open them. Not hard, but more of like you have to hold everything in place with chopsticks and long rods and hope for the best.

Somewhere on here a few years back there were some really good post(s) by one person where he showed step by step all the tricks to get the motor back together.

Found it. Not as detailed as I thought I remembered it.

when I took my 5hp apart, @AssyRequired told me about needing some long screws to hold the bearing clamp. I looked around my piles of junk and what worked perfectly were 2 of 3 lamp shade holding rods. Must all lamp shades have a metal ring in the top center which goes onto the threaded rod over the light bulb. That metal ring has 3 arms which go to the circular ring forming the top of the lamp shade. Suckers were long so easy to work with and the threads were exactly the same as the screws used to pull the bearing clamp and bearing into the inside of the motor outer case.

In case anyone else needs to know, the part is a 5-40 machine screw.

If anyone else is replacing one of these disk magnets, please be aware there is supposed to be a rubber washer between the magnet and the motor shaft. It prevents the disk from spinning loose like mine did. I was able to chase the threads with a 5/40 tap and it works again. Thank you for the help and suggestions.

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