Motor bearing carnage

Came in for speed sensor code.
I already changed the speed sensor magnet a few months ago.
Found the root problem. Auto parts store p/s puller worked great to pluck off the speed sensor and bearing in one shot
Does anyone know the model number of this bearing? Its a 5hp. My normal key word search hasnt worked to find this part.

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Found the bearing at the local supply house. Heated it up, pounded the bearing and a new speed sensor on the motor shaft. The plate that retains the bearing has three philips screws that are a bit tough to line up. Pictures are out of order but you get the idea. Test drive tomorrow…

What kind of beer is that??

Appears to be Kirin Ichiban, a tasty Japanese beer perfect with sushi.

So funny how some one always spots things in the back ground. I didn’t even see a Beer I had to go back and find it like Waldo! LOL thanks for the giggle.

So after you put it back together how is she running