Replacing speed sensor magnet on a 2009 GEM

Hi all, have a 2009 with speed sensor codes. Found the magnet on the motor shaft under the sensor has a small crack in it but is otherwise intact. Assuming this is the problem. Haven’t replaced this component on any of these vehicles before. Is the magnet pressed on? Glued on? Any advise on doing this? Thank you.

I had the same problem. I bought a fixer upper and when I got it powered up, it had error code 81. The magnet had a hairline crack in it so I wasn’t sure if it was the magnet or the sensor, I tested the sensor and came to the conclusion that it was bad. I ordered a new one from amazon and hooked it up and all was good. Look for a club car speed sensor that fits a GE motor ~$20. If you end up needing to replace the magnet, it is pressed on.

Hi Derrick,

Thank you very much for this information, much appreciated!


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