Magnet Replacement Question

I have a 2002 e825 that I bought about a year ago. While working on the loose steering issue that I have, I discovered that my speed sensor is bad and has some broken wires. When I pulled the cap off the motor, I discovered that the magnet has a hairline crack in it that almost looks too perfect to not be normally there. Is that true or should I replace it while I’m doing the sensor?

I ‘think’ I have the D&D Blue Motor but I can’t find any markings on it. The magnet has a ‘1’ on it as well. At least I figured out why my speedometer isn’t working!

Thank you!

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It will be interesting to find out. It looks normal to me, although I don’t know a reason it would be designed that way.
If you’re handy, the wires could be soldered. Don’t throw it out. :slight_smile:

Hit the crack with crazy glue. The crack has no effect on operation.

Crack is Whack! Order a new magnet $10 on eBay say yourself being stuck with a broken magnet. And if the magnet blowes up inside the speed sensor it can scratch and gouge the speed sensor and then it’s way more the $10’to fix it