Speed sensor

Has any one replaced the magnet on the end of the motor for the speed sensor ?It can only go on one of two ways and I am not sure which.This is on a 2008 Gem car EL.
Thanks JoeB

JAT but since it’s simply a magnet that spins on the motor armature and it can apparently (from what you report) be mounted in one of two ways, I wouldn’t think it would make much difference. The sensor “counts” the number of times the magnet rotates and the speed is derived from that number.

NOTE: While I have NOT tried this with my GEM and can’t answer from experience it just makes sense to me. My inclination would be to mount it either way it seems to fit and try it. If it’s wrong, just flip it and mount it the other way.


The magnet and sensor are Club Car parts and can be purchased at any golf car dealer.

The flanged ring goes to the inside of the motor. I used a block of wood and a hammer to put one on my 5hp GE.

I have a 2007 GEM E4 with an Error code 81 indicating the speed sensor is bad. I have replace the sensor and it did not correct the problem. The magnet is good and the batteries are fully charged. Any ideas?

I have a GEM e4. The Red LED is blinking 2X and an Amber one on constantly. I checked all 6 batteries and they all have 12v. When I drive I cannot get past 6mph then it switches to turtle mode with the LED Turtle on constant. I then can’t go much more than 1-2mph. Can anyone guide me on what I might be doing wrong? I am wondering if the controller or speed sensor are bad. Thank you

I am sorry but I can`t help.