2014 Speed Sensor Code 81

I have read the info on existing threads but it does not seem to apply to me. So hear goes While driving the gem flashed code 81 and acted like I slammed on the brakes This happened several times I limped home started reading existing threads. Went out this morning all is fine. Decided to check magnet there is a little black cover over the end of motor that I assume is the sensor after removal there is a bolt that holds what I guess is the round magnet in place all seems fine. It does not correspond with what I have been reading I presume it has changed on newer years any help and or ideas would be appreciated
Thanks for your contributions Jack

if magnet are ok you need new speed sensor
Yamaha and Clubcar also fit and work

Try resetting the connectors first.
3p and 23p on controller.

Thanks for info Speed sensor and magnet do look like MT22-360 The gem is ruining fine if it happens again I will be prepared thanks for input