2006 E4 won't run, code 81 - please read

I have replaced speed sensor and magnet. I have had the throttle checked out, it’s fine. I have had the controller rebuilt and updated. I am right where I started. Step on gas, solenoid clicks, code 81 and wrench displays. Turn off key and one sec later get a one second beep.

I am out of ideas. Please help.

As you can see, shot-gunning parts rarely helps.

Disconnect sensor and meter, to test connections.
Black to red ~12v
Black to green Some +volts over 3.2v. (memory fails)

Connect sensor, meter from black to green. (pin wires)
While very slowly rolling car or turning wheels, voltage will drop to near zero 48 times per rotation.
Count not important, looking for steady pulses from high to low.

Well, The magnet was cracked. The controller tested bad… But I’m still were I started. Will test voltage tonight.

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On the right track then. Maybe the ne magnet/sensor was bad.

Depending on where you got that new speed sensor- I see some chatter about the cheap ones from Amazon are not working.
I don’t know why.
Stay away from Gas Station Sushi.

Try your old sensor. Was it also giving you the -81?
How did you determine the controller was bad?
What made you think this was a pedal issue?

Ride-4-Fun sensor. Old one started this process, died in pouring rain, towed home. Got 81 code and nothing but solenoid click. Found crack in magnet, replaced both. Same result. Sent in controller and pedal to R4F and they said pedal good, controller bad. Seemed very likely. Back to square one.

A crack in the magnet will not throw a code -81 and kill the car.
The sensors are all sealed up and not likely the cause.
I would have looked at water getting in somewhere like the top of the controller. or controller plug.

Pedal would have thrown it’s own array of codes, but not -81.
It wouldn’t be the first time something came back from R4F still not repaired.

Check your voltages at the sensor plug like how Inwo suggested above ^^^.
What does it do without the sensor plugged in?

Plug was dry. Crack was discovered after replacement. Is there a way to test the motor?

Motor could be bad. Never thought of that.
Does motor turn at all before fault?

You can ohm it out, which will show a major fault.
Or jack up the car and test motor at 12v with jumper cables.

That would explain it all. Nothing wrong with controller or other parts. Stuck brushes or such.

It was a bad motor btw.

Are you able to describe the exact fault with the motor and the test that revealed its faultiness?

Context: I have a 2014 Gem e2 that is exhibiting error 81 (along with error 45 in some cases) and am looking to tap into the accumulated wisdom of the forum.
[Rather than hijack someone else’s thread, I’d like to post my own question, but as a newbie, I cannot see a way to do so. How do I do that? FAQ/Guidelines didn’t help.]

It was fried. Pretty obvious when I took the covers off the motor.

Ok thanks. I will remove the cover and take a look.

did you repair motor?

Bought new from D&D…

FYI, at one point Rodney( oldhouseboater ) was looking for core motors…

Bummer. I left it at an electric motor/generator place locally to recycle.