1999 Model E825 Parts Manual

Does anyone know where to get one?
I have a 2002 parts manual, are they the same?
Thanks, for any & all replies.

I don’t see any manuals pre 2002… think 1999-2002 are the same


I don’t have a manual that old. Someone on here should have it. The Polaris people will not be much help. Most of the parts will be the same. The DC/DC convertor and the charger will not be the same. If your DC/DC convertor is the old printed circuit board type, it needs to be updated. The parking brake with US threads was recalled and the new ones have metric threads. If your charger is the Schott type, it also should be updated. There are a few other older parts, like the wheel hubs with 10 mm studs, that can be updated as needed with newer parts. Also, see my list of susperseded parts for many updated part numbers. I have also created a list of alternative parts, many of which are not even available from EV dealers. Remember, when you find the manual that the manual will be very out- of-date. Check on here before ordering parts as many new part numbers have been added in the past few years.


Thanks again for the heads up, my charger is a Schott/SPS and I have received the upgraded parts/service bulletin from GEM this past winter. The description is a DC/DC Converter Recall, Part # 1206-00041, dated August 1, 2006.

Amazing just how many of the old type convertor have survived. Both of ours caught fire when driven in heavy rain.