1999 gem

Wont charge , had caught fire at plug, don’t know why! Wont work at all now, dc/dc converter smells burnt , could that be problem ? Or how do I check it out ?

Hi, It’s not an easy test as the DC to DC converter also is a junction box for lots of wiring connections. If you are not an experienced electrical person I would recommend you find one familiar with DC systems. I found the manufacturer of the old DC to DC box and he still has some of these NOS (New old stock). I don’t have the information with me at the moment. If you need it, send me an email. Terryc@powerquality.org. DC to DC convertors were upgraded in 2004 to be a sealed unit. (the old open units failed when wet) I also have a contact for a replacement battery charger that is working very well on sealed batteries.