1986, 144 volt Pontiac Fiero

For sale is a real gem originally converted by Mike Orr of Cincinnati and competed/showed for many years at various contest and races where it won awards for speed and seamless integration of the components with out any major modifications (still has original trunk, spare tire, etc.). I ran the car for several years till my batt pack died and I got a job too far away for EV commuting. Here is a photo of the car Todd’s Electric Fiero It is immaculate and hard to part with, but we need the garage space for my motorcycles. . .

Would like to sell the car in one piece, but am willing to part it out if necessary.

1986 Pontalc Fiero (garage kept, manual trans, new brakes)
9" Advanced DC direct drive motor mounted directly to trans.
Curtis 1231C controller
Todd DC/DC converter
Zivan charger (runs on 120 volt household current, optimized for 12 lead acid batts)
working heater
all gauges (speed, tach, volts, amps) working perfectly
electric vacuum pump for power assist brakes

If interested, please call Todd at 304-685-3146 or email at technology.todd@me.com