Trade Voltage converter for Charger

I have a working 72 volt DC converter (Sure Power 71030i) that I’m not using and would like to trade for a 72 volt charger.

I have a ride for fun charger I just took out of my cart. Make me a offer.

I’m just getting back to working on the cart and was wondering if you still had the R4F charger available.
Thanks, Chris


I do still have it. Make me a offer and i will be more than happy to sell to you. Will send pics shortly.


I would appreciate the pictures, and if it’s what I have in mind, could you take $200 plus your shipping expenses?

Absolutely. I will send the pics you requested

Great, looking forward to the photos. Also, let me know how you’d prefer payment if we do this. I have enough gray hair to still have a checkbook, but can certainly manage other methods of payment.
Thanks again,

No worries. If we work a sale you can send a check. It does not matter to me. The older I get the more old school I am becoming. I hate credit cards, try to only use cash and don’t get me started on smart phones. My wife makes fun of me sometimes and calls me a old man (even though I am 44). Charger is in great shape and Worked perfectly when I removed it. Just a FYI. The plug end of This charger was cut off and hard wired to the charging cord that went to the rear of the car. Some cars have it this way and some don’t. Really does not make a difference but wanted to be straight forward with u so when u install it and try to plug together to your cord and there is not a plug end you knew why. I have a E-manuel I can send to your email. If for any reason you have any problems with it within 30 days (electrical item) I will be more than happy to refund your money.

Are you still there Curtis?

Yes. Sorry I have been down with the flu. I sent you a pm this evening.