1971 Bug no sound from Stereo

I have a 1971 Super beetle. The existing stereo from 1999 didn’t work, the tuner didn’t function just got static noise nor did the tape player. I bought a new one and wired it up exactly as the old system was nice an tightly but damn, no sound. There’s power alright all the lights come on but there’s just no sound at all. I have 2 rear speakers and one front speaker in the dash.


There could be two problems #1 the Antenna the most probable cause being that you got static from the speakers. #2 the wiring to the speakers, the wires sould be broken or not wired right if they were spliced. You could take a ohm meter and check the continuity of the wires and also check to see if they are grounded out to the frame. Also check and see if the speakers are ok by connecting them to a sterio that works. I hope this helps.
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