12 volts from delta Q

I’m not talking about that plug. That is your 12v output.
I am looking for your 72v input wires.

you would not be able to see them the wires weave through a lot of stuff

red is one of them and the white comes from orange /blue tracer

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look in your inbox.

there is 67volts between red and orange /blue so I think we have 67 volts going to DQ

Update on this one in case anyone is still following.
Yeah, I flogged this one 20 posts more than I should have, but I was trying to make absolutely sure the DQ was dead. Sometimes during the diagnostics stage something is revealed and more of the picture is revealed.

In this case no.

In review:
For some unknown reason (6 mos ago) the Charger side of the DQ-DCI failed and jm1361 chose to replace it with a R4F charger but had to leave the DQ installed because the DCI was still supporting the 12v side of the car. NOW the DCI side of the DQ has died and other plans are being made to address the 12v needs of the car.

Thanks for playing.

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Please tell me the OP named his GEM car “Molly”