08 E4 intermittant charging

Did a search but didnt find similar problem
2008 E-4 with 1 year old AGM s
Original batts were also AGM, and technician that installed new ones says he checked charger settings to
make sure it would charge AGM. All was well for 1 year.When I plug in the charger, all looks ok:
display shows 38% and bars blink as if it were charging fine. after 2 or 3 minutes, the display changes to “idle” mode. No blinking bars. no % of charge. I can repeat many times with same results. GEM has never seen salted roads/sand/beach and terminals all look spotless. Tried 2 different cords and 2 different outlets with same results. Breakers all OK and outlets still will run a SkilSaw. Any ideas where to start trouble-shooting?

look at the charger and tell us what lights are on

Traveling for 2 weeks. Thanks for reply.

I’ll update upon return

Back home and the problem went away FOR 24 HOURS
It took a 100% charge overnight
Drove it about 2 miles (98% charge remaining)
Plugged it in to see if still charging
Initial problem returned
Red light on charger blinks 4 times
Yellow light below it steady on
“Battery charger timeout” but why?

Code 4 Gem model is extension cord is to small.
Generic charger is low voltage.

I finally got some time to play with this again. I now have a 8ft.12AWG cord and it makes no difference. If i unplug and plug multiple times i can get it tocharge-sometimes for only a few minutes…sometimes overnight. Overnight it will reach 100% IF it keeps charging. More often than not,it will stop charging within a couple of minutes and display goes blank. Charger led blinks red 4 times. I have borrowed the charging port and harness from my friends GEM with same results. Mine has had ground prong removed by previous owner . Latest result is no charging no matter how many times I fiddle with it. Individual batt voltage is 12.54-12.-57…Im using an external charger to charge individual batts. Ive tested the milliamps between cables and battery studs-all ok. Note: one cable was loose enough to cause some arcing-thats now clean and tight. Whats the minimum battery voltage before the DeltaQ decides it wont charge? Next step will probably be to borrow friend’s DeltaQ and see if that changes anything, unless you guys have a better idea

Error code depends on type of charger. Gem or generic.
If you have a gem charger there is to much voltage drop in ac circuit.
Monitor voltage at dq input when charge current goes high.
If it stays near 120v charger may be faulty.

Thanks, Inwo. There is no charge current on the DQ . It won’t even wake up enough to energize the display at this point. My friend has a Ride4fun charger that was at one time on a Gem. Does the R4F charger have programmable algorithms like the DQ?

If display is dead, then charger is bad. I’m less than 50% successful with DQ repairs. I do have new DQ that I can put your leads on to make it plug and play.