2007 GEM e4

I have a “new to me” 2007 GEM e4. It hasn’t ran since I received it. I installed new batteries, the motor controller has been factory checked. The display does not show MPH or odometer but FLASHES the temp, turtle,wrench and the white indicator lights around the R and DH. I have +74.1VDC at the PSDM. The charger is a Delta Q model and flashes a code for low voltage after the initial startup. All connections are secure and no evidence of anything being burned.
I have searched the forum but cannot find anything that seems to point me in the right direction. Can someone offer some advice?

you can try to do a full charge one or two times

How will it charge if the charger is flashing a low voltage code?

Some advice:
If possible, contact the seller and ask if anything was wrong with the GEM prior to sale. Is there anything else wrong with the GEM that you can see?

If the charger is showing an error, why even test the motor controller?

  Manually charge the batteries with an external charger and then see if the GEM will drive.  This may help diagnose a bad charger.

  Be certain the code you are reading from the charger is accurate.  Does the error code appear even with the key turned off?  Does this code mean low DC voltage or low AC input voltage?  Your 74.1 volt battery reading is not too low for the charger to operate.  The Delta-Q manual in readily available online. 

Consider this charger is not the greatest quality and has such a reputation that the after market has replacements in other brands. Ride for Fun has now sold about 1,000 of these. I have installed three myself.

You may wish to contact the member “beachbum” on this forum. His knowledge of the Delta-Q is superior to mine.


Did you figure out the problem?