Gem won't charge

I just replaced the socket and installed two new batteries in my GEM 2009 E4 and it won’t charge. It was charging Sunday night and then Monday night after driving it, nothing. When I plug it in for the first 30 seconds or so it would say that it is charging and then nothing. It displays the “Plug in” light and shows the battery with one red bar. Any help would be awesome:confused:

I’d take a voltmeter and get a reading where the charging system attaches to the system under the dash. Read it when unplugged (I.e. not charging - s/b 72V or near there) and then again right after it’s plugged in. I’d expect the voltage to increase when it’s charging (maybe 78V-80V+). If it does, then it is charging as expected. If after 30 seconds, the voltage drops again, then it’s quit charging as indicated by your display. It could be a faulty charger/display/controller , battery failure, blown fuse, etc. Based on these results, we could probably give you additional suggestions.


Did you look under the hood if charger blink a fault red code ?

Did the GEM charge before the work was done? Are the batteries installed with the correct polarity? If one is backwards, the GEM will not charge. Look at the terminals on each battery. They should read ±±±± through the whole string of batteries. Look for indicator lights under the front left of the GEM. The Delta Q manual can be downloaded and will explain what the flashes mean. I am not a fan of these chargers and have converted several GEMs to the Quickcharge brand that is sold by Ride for Fun.


sorry about not reponsing to you folks, my grandmother just died and I’ve been away from my computer for quite some time. Anyways, I found out that my GEM does charge it just has the turtle light blinking. It is also reading about 84 volts total, could these two be related. I was able to ride it around at full speed with all the lights, fans, and heater on while it turtle mode for hour and it did not die.

I have the same problem…won’t charge. I just bought it and replaced all the batteries with trojan 30xhs flooded batteries. now when I plug it in the light blinks red/green and i cannot hear the fan come on. There were already flooded batteries in it to begin with. I thought I had a loose connection but I triple checked and that is not the issue.

Next time, kindly start your own thread. Not dredge up one from 8 years ago that doesn’t even likely discuss the same hardware as you have . Also include the year of your gem at the very least. Over 24 years worth of these vehicles out there, a few design changes may have occurred along the way

If you have a fan, it’s a zivan NG1. Totally different charger than the 08 had.

Red-green flash plus audible beep is output voltage fail either your batteries are’t connected properly or the charger is dead

I’m with what jrjava said, start your own thread and post what your vehicle is and your history and while you’re at it you should post what all the battery voltages are.

I started reading this and got a page down until I realized I was reading something from 2014…
And you can post a link to another forum posting in your new thread while you state something like “like in this thread” … " and I did everything listed in this post and still xyz happens.