2007 gem

Hello, I have a 2007 GEM and I am interested in learning from all the knowledgeable people on this site that can help me with issues that I have currently.:slight_smile:

  1. Red light blinking underneath on the charger box - 2 blinks, pause - according to the manual this means “battery voltage out of range the battery voltage is too high or too low to allow charging to proceed” The GEM does charge but I notice the battery life is reduced. Is it charging properly? (Green light on the charger box indicates all charged) The green light never comes on.


Welcome to the forum. There are multiple reasons for your problem. In order of frequency.

1 loose or dirty connections.

2 1 or more batteries has a problem HOW OLD ARE YOUR BATTERIES? (most likely)

3 Charger could have a problem. (less likely)

You mentioned reduced range. This is usually caused by: Worn out batteries - insuffient charging, or mechanical problems causing a drag on the machine.(brakes draging - low tire pressure etc.)

If you would give us a little more information it would be helpful.

Make, Model and age of batteries. Type - Gel - Flooded - AGM. A Typical battery might be - Trogan T1225

Did this problem start to surface over a period of time or all a once.

There are a LOT of posts on this very problem. Use search to review them.

Old Houseboater - I will give you all the info you asked later today. Thanks for offering to HELP me figure this out.

Hello Houseboater,

Problem… blinks red 2 times, pause, on the charger box with an orange light beneath the blinking red - it does cycle thru the orange lights up and down when I plug it in. It runs fine, I just am concerned about the charger box not having the green light on after it charges.

2007 GLBL 4Pass GEM
The GEL batteries were put in 1/17/12.

However, I bought it in April 2014 from a private party. I went up north for 5 months in May and a friend of mine was supposed to hook it up to a timer (this is what the Gem tech at Chrysler told me to do) so that the timer would go on once a week for 10 hours to charge the Gem. My friend decided not to do that and just went over and charged it once in awhile (every other week, not sure) It wasn’t driven much either. So this definitely could contribute to the problem.

Do you think I should be concerned about the red blinking light? How should I store this GEM when I go away fro 5 months?

Thank you for any help you can give me.

The red blinking light means:

  1. You have a battery problem

2 You have a charger problem

If the neighbor plugged up your charger every couple of weeks your probbly ok.

Lets ask some questions:

I’m assuming you have flooded batteries (have caps and you have to add water) Yes/No?

If so has level been maintained. Yes/No?

Does the charger shut off at the end of charge? Yes/ No?

What is the battery pack voltage 1 hour after charger shut off?

What is the voltage of each battery after charger shut off?

What is the specific gravity of the battery fluid 1 hour after shut off?

This is a good primer on battery care.


I have no maintenance Gel batteries, do not have to add water - they are sealed.
I am assuming the charger shuts off when the light is blinking red twice with a yellow light underneath the blinking red.

The other 2 questions about battery voltage 1 hour after shut off and battery voltage of each battery I can’t answer. My friend has a Gem and maybe he can test the batteries for me. I think therein lies the problem - the battery voltage.

Tell me please what is the best way to store this GEM when I am up north for 5 months as far as charging is concerned.? I’m thinking of selling it because it’s an issue apparently.

Since you have Gel batteries they may be the originals. If your range is down to 12/15 miles you can almost bet on it.

Do you have the Zivzn charger or DeltaQ?

If you buy new batteries and get a different type be sure to have your charger set to the new type.

Click on “Battery Care” on my previous post and read the article.

Basically you charge the batteries and shut off the main switch on the cart…